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Hand Dyed Silk Abstracts


Graduating with an art degree from San Jose State, I began my journey toward becoming a professional artist as a weaver. My love of color evolved as I learned the fascinating process of hand dying.a


In 1997 I was commissioned to weave a panel using hand dyed silk for a small company. This was the groundwork for these abstracts which I began showing in earnest in 2003.The introduction in 2005 of  my silk on canvas allows the use of  a wider range of weights and weaves as well the ability to create larger scale work. In addition to hand dying the materials, using individual strips of silk enhances the dimensional appearance. When constructing the framed pieces I use a dry mount system to adhere them. This allows me to float the edges, further enhancing the dimensionality of my work. The arrangement adds to their painterly quality. I am often asked if I design with a symbol or shape in mind. The answer is no. I create purely from color. Once I am pleased with the color harmony I work on layout over a period of days, looking at the piece from all angles. This allows the artwork being designed to  hang in either orientation.

I have just completed my 466th original, with 435 of them having been sold.



          I am captivated by fiber as my means of artistic expression, especially silk.  Being a tactile person is the driving force to my working in this medium.  I love playing with color and utilizing the wonderful palette available only through hand dying to create my art.